Weigh Vetmarker


The Weigh Vetmarker® has been developed to enable farmers to weigh their lambs at docking time, without compromising time and the handling of the lamb.

The lambs are loaded into the Weigh Vetmarker® one at a time, where they are EID and weights recorded. They them proceed on down the Vetmarker® for all your docking/ tailing requirements such as castration, earmarking, vaccinating.

When the lamb is ready to be released the lever is pulled forward and the lamb is released onto its feet. It can automatically be sprayed for fly-strike on release if required.

The Weigh Vetmarker self-locks onto the top rail of the lamb catching pen.

The Weigh Vetmarker® has Iconix Load Cells with compatible leads for Tru-Test and Gallagher indicators.

Before weighing lambs it is necessary to configure the Iconix Load Cells to your indicator. This only needs to be done once.

Lambs can be weighed automatically as soon as they are loaded into the Vetmarker.

Once the lamb has been weighed, it then continues on down the Vetmarker® for all other procedures that are done at docking/tailing time.


"The Vetmarker® docking chute proved to be a real success, not only with its spray and release system which works really well. The on-board scales are revolutionary especially with all our lambs being tagged at docking. To have the ability to monitor individual growth rates throughout lactation is potentially very powerful on farm information. With the clever design of the Vetmarker® we felt no time was compromised with the lambs being weighed at docking time, in fact it was very efficient and the docking gang was impressed."

Matt Holden  Kelso 

"The Vetmarker® has proven its worth on our Transition Farms where we have been doing several operations at tailing time. The lambs are weighed, EID tagged, earmarked, injected, tailed and sprayed for fly as fast as the guys can lift them. It is easy on the lambs and the workers."

Nick Hamilton  New Zealand Merino

New Zealand Prices

Includes Freight NZ Wide

Station Model inc spray unit 2.4m$4,347.00 plus GST 
Farmer Model inc spray unit 2.m$3,859.00 Plus GST
Large Spring$23 Plus GST
Weigh Attachment$2,450.00 Plus GST  


Stand New Zealand Wide$20 + GST

No freight charge for stand if ordered with Farmer or Station Vetmarkers.
These prices are valid until 31 December 2022

Orders can be made on 0800 DOCKER (362 537) Ph/Fax + 64 6 3887 861  Or email:



The Vetmarker® is warranted for two years on engineering  or roller defects from the date of purchase. 
In the event of a defect under this warranty we will repair the Vetmarker.

This warranty does not cover damages relating to accidents, or improper use of the Vetmarker. 
The spray gun, and springs are not covered under this warranty.


For Calibrating indicators please contact Fenemor Innovations 0800362 537 (+64 6 3887861) or directly contact the Tech department that supplied your indicator.


To see more photos of Vetmarker® in action: View our Gallery