About Us

The designer of the Vetmarker® is a sheep and beef farmer who is always focused on making jobs around the farm quicker and easier, for the benefit of both staff and stock.

Roller marking cradles have been in use in New Zealand for over 20 years. However, the lambs had to be physically pulled out of the cradle after they had been docked. As a result an attachment was designed, that would be effective and efficient, releasing the lamb so it would land on its feet.

The Vetmarker® was further adapted to include a spray unit for farmers that require their lambs to be sprayed for flystrike. This reduced a labour unit.

Patent Numbers

NZ 522108/523155

NZ 611227

Aus 2003235060

Aus 2013206076

Below are comments from owners of the Vetmarker:
"Works like a dream""Very very happy with the Vetmarker."
"The neighbours borrowed it, thought it was great but I had to wait to get it back for my marking.""Loves using the Vetmarker® but does not use the spray unit."
"Takes a lot of strain off staff picking up and they are not exhausted at the end of the day""Very impressive"
"Saved labour""Brilliant just brilliant"
"No more arguments""Staff did not appreciate how good it was until they docked for neighbours on an old chute."

The Vetmarker's award winning design will save you time and money year after year!

 AwardNew Zealand National Field Days
Break Through Prototype Award 
 AwardHamilton Sheepvention 2004
Victoria, Australia
Overseas Exhibitors Award
AwardInventions 2004
Victoria, Australia
Sheep Handling Award