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Fenemor Innovations
New Zealand

Freephone: 0800 DOCKER (362 537)
Phone: +64 6 3887 861
Fax: +64 6 3887 861

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Turton Farm Supplies Dannevirke

Phone: +64 6 374 8193

Wanganui Farm Supplies

Phone: +64 6 345 4663

PDC Barn Taumaranui

Phone: +64 7 895 7215

New Zealand Prices

Includes Freight North and South Islands

of New Zealand TO 31 December  2022

Station Model inc spray unit 2.4m$4,287.00 plus GST 
Farmer Model inc spray unit 2.m$3,859.00 Plus GST
Large Spring$23.00 Plus GST
Portable Elastrator Stand (See freight cost)$95.00 Plus GST  


Stand $20.00 + GST
Spring and other Misc$7.40 + GST

Actual cost 

please discuss options

No freight charge for stand if ordered with Farmer or Station Vetmarkers.
These prices are valid until 31 December  2022

Orders can be made on 0800 DOCKER (362 537) Ph+ 64 6 3887 861  Or email:


The Vetmarker® is warranted for two years on engineering  or roller defects from the date of purchase. 
In the event of a defect under this warranty we will repair the Vetmarker.

This warranty does not cover damages relating to accidents, or improper use of the Vetmarker. 
The spray gun, and springs are not covered under this warranty.