How it works

The Vetmarker® self- locks onto the top rail of the lamb catching pen. The height at the other end of the Vetmarker® Chute/Cradle is adjusted to suit the person tailing. One person loads the lambs into the Vetmarker. Your animal health requirements are then performed from either side of the Vetmarker. It may be vaccinating, castrating, scabine, drenching, earmarking, ear tagging, docking. When the lamb reaches the end of the chute the tail is removed and the lamb can be automatically sprayed for flystrike on release if required. The lamb is automatically released from the Vetmarker® when the release lever is pulled forward. The release system allows the lamb to be released on to its' feet.

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  1. Always maintain the drench gun.
  2. Load the Vetmarker® with even size lambs.
  3. Earmark at the loading end of the cradle.
  4. Apply scabby mouth vaccine  near the tailing area.
  5. Always hand prime the drench gun spray unit before use to ensure no blockage
  6. Wear protective clothing if spraying.
  7. Clean and lubricate the Vetmarker, at the end of the docking season.
  8. Keep a spare release spring, spanner, CRC, Vaseline (or other lubricant suitable for drench guns) in tool box for emergencies.
  9. SOLVENT BASED CHEMICALS - Solvent based chemicals may damage rollers, steel rollers available for purchase.


  • Q: Do the Farmer and Station Vetmarker's come with the spray release end?
  • A: YES 
  • Please note the Station Vetmarker is only available in New Zealand unless by special order.
  • Q: What is the difference between the Station and Farmer Vetmarker
  • A: The Station Vetmarker is 400mm longer. It is about working space. Both models work the same.  It depends how many staff are working around the Vetmarker? If you have 5 or more staff the Station Vetmarker is recommended. 
  • Q: How many lambs can I get in the cradle?
    A: Approximately 5.However, this is not an issue, as it is a conveyor system.
  • Q: Does the drench gun freeze in heavy frost
  • A: If Vetmarker® has had chemical left in drench gun it will freeze under certain temperatures
  • Make sure it has defrosted or it will break the gun when Vetmarker® handle is released.
  • Q: How many lambs can I dock in a day? 
    A: This varies from farm to farm due to a number of organisational factors. 
    Approximately five lambs can comfortably be marked per minute. However, contractors can doc
    k up to 12 lambs per minute

Reasons for variation in numbers of lambs docked:

  1. Some farmers may carry out only one or two procedures while other farmers may do five or six procedures.
  2. The number of staff.
  3. The size of the paddocks.
  4. The number of shifts

To see more photos of Vetmarker® in action: View our Gallery

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